Insert Molding Specialists

insert molding 1Reliance Engineering has extensive experience in insert molding using both Thermoplastic and Thermoset molding materials. Insert molded parts can be injection molded, transfer molded, or compression molded. Screw machine parts, metal stampings, photochemically etched parts, cold headed parts, die cut plastic parts, insulated wires, flexible circuits, lead frames, ceramic, phenolic or composite insulators, are only a few of the insert varieties that we work with.

Our expertise in design and selection of these various inserts include:

  • Selection of appropriate processing techniques for insert molding
  • Procurement and/or manufacture of inserts
  • Development of an extensive supplier base in the various manufacturing disciplines required to deliver these parts
  • Development of plating resources

Reliance Engineering Insert Molding services also include:

  • Mold design to accommodate insert molding processing to produce a robust insert molded assembly
  • Plastic materials selection for insert molding to ensure success of the insert molded component in end-use applications

insert molding 2

Insert Molding Design Benefits

There are a number of benefits to developing an insert-molded component, and include:

  • Parts consolidation
  • Reduction of part-to-part dimensional variability (consolidation of part counts into an assembly the tolerance stack-up of multiple parts can be avoided)
  • Reduction of part size and weight
  • Reduction of “Touch Labor” which may result in quality problems
  • Overall cost reduction

Reliance Engineering offers extensive engineering and design support to aid customers with insert design, material selection and plating. Our integrated consultation, design and manufacturing process delivers a complete insert-molded assembly. All aspects of the process are the responsibility of Reliance Engineering.

insert molding 3