Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Materials

Reliance Engineering offers unique and diverse capabilities that fulfill the need for custom molded plastic parts. We typically focus on parts requiring extensive engineering evaluation, beginning with the mold design and processing techniques, which ultimately lead to customer solutions.

Our focus is on engineering material including but not limited to:

  • Nylons
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
  • Liquid
  • Polythalamide (PPA)
  • Peek
  • Polysulfone Udel
  • Polyarylsulfone Radel (PPSU)
  • Cyclic Olifin Copolymer (COC)
  • Cyclic Olifin Polymer (COP)

The choice of material is always driven by engineering application requirements of the end product. Our extensive knowledge of both thermoplastic and thermoset materials defines our focus which is always on product performance, utilizing the optimal material.


Reliance Engineering provides molding services for all material types, and our capabilities and equipment includes:

  • Cincinnati Milacron Roboshot molding presses
  • Clamp tonnages ranging from 17-330 tons
  • Shot size capacity from .5 oz.- 12 oz.
  • Extensive robotics interfaced with the injection molding machines
  • Sprue pickers and servo robots in dedicated work cells
  • Lights-out molding capability for high-volume applications