Cold Deck, Valve Gated Molds and Conventional Hot Runner Molds

Cold Deck / Valve Gated Molds

Cold Deck Technology is designed so that liquid silicone can be delivered to the cavity area without curing. By using a cold deck / cold runner system you can completely eliminate wasted material. With the elimination of material waste, payback on a cold runner system can occur in just months. As with any valve gate system, the advantages of a cold deck / cold runner system allows for reduced cycle times, consistent process, easier automation and the elimination of material waste (runners).

Conventional Molds

A conventional runner system can always be utilized in silicone molding to allow faster delivery and reduced mold cost.

LSR Engineering owns Cold Decks that fit our universal mold frames. This system availability allows low cost entry into molding lower volumes of LSR parts at a reasonable cost to the customer as the cost of the Cold Deck is not factored into the cost of the mold