Injection Molds for Thermoplastics and Thermosets

Built-Rite Tool & Die Inc. has been supplying precision injection molds for thermoplastics since being founded in 1984. Our molds are designed and built to SPI/SPE classifications and based on customer requirements.

Injection molds are often used in high-volume applications where thousands to millions of parts are produced. Dimensional accuracy from cavity-to-cavity is key in these molding environments and require precise, detailed designs and precision machining to be achieved. At Built-Rite, our expert mold designers and mold makers use the latest CAD/CAM software and machine tool technology to produce these high-volume molds.

At Built-Rite, we have expertise in the design and manufacture of various types of molds including:

  • Molds with complex geometry
  • Molds with 3D contoured parting lines
  • Molds with side actions and lifters for optimum part removal
  • Molds with unscrewing devices for threaded components
  • Molds with collapsible cores

Built-Rite provides molds –

  • Built to SPI classifications 101 & 102 – we follow many of these specs regardless of the required cycles the mold is expected to run
  • Inserted core & cavity blocks using hardened tool steel
  • Using tool steels including but not limited to, S7, P-20, H13 and 420 SS, D2