Injection Molds for Thermoplastics and Thermosets

Built-Rite Tool has been supplying precision injection molds for thermoplastics since being founded Since 1984, Built-Rite Tool has supplied precision injection molds for thermoplastic materials. Our molds are designed and built to SPI classifications and based on customer requirements.

Injection molds are often used in high-volume applications where thousands to millions of parts are produced. Dimensional accuracy cavity-to-cavity is key in these molding environments, and require precise, detailed designs and precision machining to achieve this. At Built-Rite, we use the latest CAD/CAM software and machine tool technology, and mold designers and mold makers with the expertise to create these precision high-volume molds.

At Built-Rite, we have expertise in the design and manufacture of various types of molds including:

  • Molds with complex geometry
  • Molds with 3D contoured parting lines
  • Molds with side actions and lifters for optimum part removal
  • Molds with unscrewing devices for threaded components
  • Molds with collapsible cores

Built-Rite provides molds –

  • Built to SPI classifications 101 & 102 – we follow many of these specs regardless of the required cycles the mold is expected to run
  • Inserted core & cavity blocks using hardened tool steel
  • Using tool steels including but not limited to, S7, P-20, H13 and 420 SS

Utilizing Multi-Unit Die (MUD) designs for inserts (includes the core, cavity and ejection) that fits into a master mold frame to provide a cost-effective alternative. These core/cavity assemblies are interchangeable within the master frame to accommodate the molding of several different parts without the cost of purchasing a complete mold for each part required. Check here for rubber molding.

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